Ian Leslie is an accomplished and insightful keynote speaker, in demand around the world. Ian is also called in by companies seeking a catalyst for new conversations on workplace culture and communication. He speaks on:

•  Better disagreement

•  The power of curiosity

•  Strategic communication

“Ian presented at our Tuning In event, with attendees from a wide range of industries. Ian’s session was original, creative and inspiring – and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.”
– George Butler, Head of Marketing, Radiocentre

“Ian came in and made us think about our business differently. We began to realise that communications isn’t about what you say but what audiences hear. Ian provided the basic tools and understanding that are transforming our agency.”
– Mark Flanagan, Portland, CEO Portland Communications

“Ian crafted a session that was insightful, engaging and thought-provoking. His words and ideas will have a lasting impact on how we think about communications.”
– VP Communications, Google EMEA (name on request).

Watch me speaking

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